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Millikin offers a different approach to study entrepreneurship. With 27% of students involved in the coursework each year Millikin uses Performance learning to teach their students. Performance learning is a way for students to practice and get experience in a safe place. Getting involved, taking risks, maybe even failing, but trying again and learning for their mistakes. Entrepreneurship students learn by making plans, testing markets, pitching ideas, helping with student-run venture and have the opportunity start their own venture. Some student ventures are:

Arts Cafe Music & Performance Venue
 Big Blue Personal Training
 Blue Connection Retail Art Gallery
 Blue Satellite Press Printing Press
 Bronze Man Books Publishing Company
 Carriage House Fine Arts Press
 Clio Consulting Museum Consulting Services
 First Step Records Music Label
 Ignite Studios Ad Agency & Graphic Design Firm
 Millikin Audio Recording Studio (MARS)
 Music Industry Studies Tour Company (MIST)
 MU Performance Consulting (MUPC)
 Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre

There are different types of options when it comes to getting involved with a venture and various skill sets for each. Most business majors need to take a student run venture, and entrepreneurship is one of them. Depending on if a student wants to major or minor in entrepreneurship there are unique classes that they can take. For students who want to major in entrepreneurship, student will reach of a Bachelors in Science degree, will explore the skills to excel in strategy and product development, will build skills in finding and creating solution for different types of challenges and, will build teamwork skills. Some basic business classes required for this major is Business creation, Team Dynamics and Design Your Life. Business creation is a class that put students through a semester of learning how to build and present/pitch a business plan to peers and somethings experienced business owners, and other levels of a business associates. By doing this, student can learn all the components of a plan and have an understanding of them. Students use the feedback to strengthen the plan and build confidence when presenting it. This class is taken the same semester as Team Dynamics. Team Dynamics works on understanding a team and the different qualities of a team. Focusing on developing students’ member roles, leadership styles, roles of conflict and the diversities in a team. Designing your life is also a class that all business students are required to take. This class is a way to reflect on students’ life and what students want to get out of it. It is to explore student values, talents and passions, and deign three possible life plan for themselves. All these courses are taken before the ones specific to Entrepreneurship.

Some classes students are required to take are Entrepreneurship Practicum, the Art of Entrepreneurship and Special topics in Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship Practicum is a course dedicated to helping students research, plan and launch their own venture, sharing with their own interests and passions with an advisor. Students will be able to present their plan to outside stakeholders, a panel of judges or at a public event. The Art of Entrepreneurship has almost the same idea as the other course but it focuses more on the creation and understanding the planning process. It helps develop skills in venture creation, customer empathy, sales and income generation and documentation. Special Topics in Entrepreneurship course lets students go in-depth on a particular topic or serval topics of current interest in their area. Students will use a more case and field trip for an experiential learning approach.

Millikin graduates work hard to build a unique portfolio of experience, networks and achievements, which help connect them with jobs. Many students plan on taking over the
family business or start their own business.

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