Exploring the Digital Media Marketing Major with Alum Jon Walters

Digital Media Marketing in the Tabor School of Business offers a variety of courses that will help prepare students for their future careers. Courses that are required for DMM major students include: principles of marketing, IMC campaigns, consumer behavior and analytics, personal selling and sales management, event planning, special topics in marketing, brand loyalty through digital media, brand loyalty experience, digital media marketing strategy and analysis, and a marketing internship. Each of these courses will better prepare digital media marketing students for the real world of marketing. These courses not only help the students understand what marketing is, but also assist students in understanding what markets look like domestically and internationally.  Millikin prides itself on performance learning and being hands-on in efforts to effectively learn. The performance learning projects within digital media marketing include creating an integrated marketing communication campaign, designing a social media strategy for a student-run venture or local business, or competing in an international online marketing challenge. Performance learning is crucial to prepare students for real world experiences in their future careers. Lecturing is necessary, but going beyond that by learning hands-on is what separates those students who are truly prepared for after graduation.

Digital marketing is a way companies and people expand their ability to advertise their goods and services via the use of social media (Facebook and Twitter for example), applications (i.e. “apps”), email, web sites, and search engines.  Digital Media Marketing has evolved and become much more prevalent over the past year because of the emergence of Covid. As shutdowns and government restrictions have prevented the public from physically visiting businesses, shops, and boutiques in person, companies and their marketing departments are now relying more heavily on their social media accounts to connect with and entice these potential customers. 

Millikin’s Digital Media Marketing degree is an 8-semester program with a total of 124 credit hours.  It is also offered as a minor with a credit. 

Digital Media Marketing has 9 credit courses as follows:




3 credit Elective 






Upon completion of this program, the degree recipient will be able to create social media posts, write blog posts, and develop marketing and business plans. Having engaged in hands-on learning that prepares them for the workforce, they will also be proficient with programs such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Hootsuite.

No matter what degree you choose to pursue at Millikin, you will experience performance learning. Performance learning is important to all of Millikin’s professors because it’s a superior method of learning that prepares students for their future. For example, the Tabor School of Business would require the following types of Performance Learning:

Creating a business plan

Creating a marketing plan

Creative Briefs

Creating a business with a marketing strategy

Creating marketing strategies for a real business

Improving your brand on your social media accounts

Presenting your work

And arguably the most important of all – An internship is required so as to get real-life experience in the workforce before graduation.

Some career opportunities in the marketing field are: 

Search Engine Optimization Manager– SEO Managers consider all aspects of a search and provide the strategies required to find visitors who will need a particular service

Social Media Manager- Social media managers are in charge of representing a company across social channels as the sole voice of the brand.

Digital Marketing Manager- Is responsible for developing, implementing and managing marketing campaigns that promote a company and its products and/or services.

Marketing assistant- responsibilities include assisting in organizing campaigns and developing marketing strategies.

Content Manager– Content Managers develop a consistent brand identity for a company and establish its online presence. 

Digital Media Marketing is also offered in a minor. This minor is offered to students who could use their creative side in their degree. A degree that can use Marketing as a minor is Communication, Graphic Design, Music Business, English Writing, Sports Management, and Health, Fitness, and Recreation. These minor students will be able to provide their marking knowledge in the work field. This could include, but not limited to, writing a blog post, editing posts and social media posts, managing social media accounts, and provide imput on marketing strategies.

There are 13 credit requires courses. 

3-9 Digital Marketing Electives 

Interdisciplinary Elective 

We have provided a video as an interview of students we graduated with a digital media market degree. In this video, he will discuss tips and information that can be useful in deciding if Digital Media Marketing is the right degree for you. 

By Team A