Business Management through the Tabor School of Business – Team D MK363 – Fall 2020

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The Tabor School of Business at Millikin University is a diverse program that includes a variety of majors, certificates and pathways for career options and opportunities. Ranging from finance to digital media marketing, the possibilities to simply learn are endless.

To focus on one specific major, Business Management within the Tabor school is a highly rated major with many successful alumni coming from its courses. This major consists of research projects, personal management and branding assignments, growth within team building and group work, relationship building, company analysis, leadership strategy building through a management perspective, daily course work, and larger senior projects. Within the business management major, students at Tabor receive the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with faculty about what they are expecting out of their planned study and what they are hoping for come graduation and job application season. 

 When students are enrolled in business management classes at Tabor, the courses help prepare them for their future careers through aspects of management, relationship building, and leadership. There are many hands on individual and group projects that get students used to working with others and seeing things from a different perspective. The Tabor School of Business also offers many Performance Learning opportunities to get the students involved. There are student run ventures, the center for entrepreneurship, along with many other open ended opportunities to help give students hands-on experience. 

Alum Haley Hogenkamp, a 2017 Business Management graduate states the following about her time as a business management major in the Tabor School of Business at Millikin University, “I definitely gained an immense amount of professional experience during my time as a Tabor student. I thought my home on campus was going to be the music building, but the moment I stepped foot in Tabor, I knew I had found where I was meant to be for the next four years. The professors made me feel so comfortable and made me want to work harder in my studies. The biggest take away I have to speak upon from my degree would be how it has shown me the importance of relationships. Through management, company sales, organization, files, and communication, relationships are what drives the action that is required to keep those jobs in tatc. Relationships are what bring opportunities, connections, networking, new growth in learning, and eventually jobs. I now am in graduate school focusing strictly on human interaction through different cultures, all based on business being done through relationship building. I am super grateful for my time at Tabor for these specific reasons.”

Performance learning through the Business Management degree can be found through active assignments, interview and networking based research, and hands on field training through asking and shadowing management companies. Students enrolled in the business management degree will get the opportunity to experience what it will be like in the field of management through watching and reading about those actively in the field today.

All degrees offered within Tabor are great examples of performance learning tracks of education with endless amounts of resources and opportunity. 

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