TP Create MU Intramurals

Intramural sports and activities here at Millikin University are directed by Exercise Science students. With this responsibility and experience, students are given the opportunity to go through the process of creating and operating a tournament or athletic event. The students who run these intramural programs are Sport Management students that are involved in Sport Management Practicum II, III, or IV. These classes require students to take on the program event and its operations in a way that allows them to be implemented here on campus. Students are expected to coordinate the event with their team and partners, schedule dates and locations, organize teams and rosters, and host the activity. With this performance learning opportunity students learn the basic skills of schedule, time, and operations management. The Sport Practicum Classes serve as an exemplar organization of how Millikin utilizes performance-learning.

millikin IM dodgeball poster
Millikin IM Dodgeball Poster

Each year there is a process that students must complete in order to create and organize multiple intramural programs per semester. Beginning in the fall semester, the students of Sport Management Practicum III, are asked to brainstorm events or activities that they believe would be a popular activity with the students on Millikin’s campus. A lot of the ideas are events that have been done during that class in previous semesters. This is beneficial because it allows students to understand the various interests of the student body, in present and past classes. The sports that are generally set on the agenda include basketball, volleyball, flag football, and soccer. This past semester students were asked to start organizing several single-day events. Single-day events include activities such as dodgeball, spike ball, and even events that take place off the court such as, table chess and Madden or 2K video game tournaments. Thad Walker, the professor for the courses, gives a list of dates that correspond with days that facilities will be available for student use. After scheduling events on specific dates, promoting the events to the students, following through and hosting the events, the goal of the intramurals has been reached.

intramurals at the DISC
Intramurals at the DISC

While the students who do partake in these events enjoy participating in their activity, there are consistently low numbers of students that actually participate. In terms of a campus with an enrollment around twenty-five hundred, a much smaller number of students actually get involved with intramurals. While there are consistent returners, there are few new participants to each activity.

The project led by the students of Sport Management Practicum is recognized for being a well-organized organization on campus. The students excel at planning the schedule, collaborating with other students and partners of the program, work to liaise with facility managers, and host the event. The distinct flaw lies with the lack of promotion of each event and activity. It is difficult for students to come across the information, especially before the sign-up date. This leaves many students either joining late or not at all. Regardless of a small student body, with the proper time and promotional resources, these university events could flourish every time!

The PDF below contains an example of some of the promotional material that is used for IM Softball, also a list of all of the IM’s offered by Millikin.

Millikin IMs