TeamH Dennis Lab Design

Performance learning is a part of everyday life for the Millikin Student. This system aids students by obtaining information to improve their way of learning, leaving a lasting impression. For this particular class, Computer Art/Design Orientation during the Fall of 2016, the opportunity to work with Dennis Lab School provided Millikin Design Students the chance to showcase their talents and skills outside the classroom.

Dennis Lab School reached out to Jessa Wilcoxen, Professor of the course, with the idea of collaborating Millikin design students and Dennis Lab students to create a vinyl window wrap. The idea behind the design was to create a mural that represented Dennis Lab and the resources they provide for their students to grow academically, socially, artistically, and continuously. The students were given a 3-week time frame to complete the project.

Millikin Students traveled to Dennis Lab to hear proposed designs from the students. They wanted something exciting and memorable, like a journey with stops along the way to represent the things they’ve been experiencing at Dennis Lab. The expectations were to craft and explore vividly, and a kid-centered design to display the environment at Dennis Lab.

After hearing from the students at Dennis Lab, the designers worked in groups to create a mock-up of their designs. This process was effective because the designers exerted their personal uniqueness, with the support of one another to meet the standards of the idea. Through revisions and peer critiques, the students prepared the best designs to show to Dennis Lab. Upon returning to Dennis Lab, they gave presentations and allowed faculty and students to ask questions, seeking the meaning behind each design.

Dennis Lab set up a poll for students to vote for their favorite design and within a couple of weeks, the winners were announced. Aryana Johnson and Francisco Gama’s design was favored to become the window mural. The artistic, colorful, and accessible design is now being displayed at Dennis Lab School.

The seven Memletic (learning) styles are Visual, Logical, Aural, Verbal, Physical, Social, and Solitary. The seven learning styles are different techniques to learn and essentially to recognize which style(s) individuals are more or less dominant in but can be used for groups as well. In a group environment and situation as this, it is important to identify each person’s learning style. From the results, there was a range of styles presented collectively. The students of Dennis Lab and Millikin utilized visual, aural, and social learning styles throughout this Performance Learning Project. The students worked up a visual that tells a compelling message. They listened carefully to the presenters to ensure the vision was met and able to socially interact and craft collectively.

The performance learning project was one that brought value not only to Dennis Lab school but to the Millikin Design students as well. They were able to create designs for a real client by showcasing their talent and skills. They helped Dennis Lab School fulfill their objective to allow students to express the environment and community of the school. The result will be seen for years to come.

To learn more about the project, you can download the PDF below.

Window Of Opportunity