Team D – International Business Project (BU330)

International Business Project (BU330)

The international business performance learning project was taught in Dr. Munoz’s international business course (BU330). In this performance learning project, students had to create a business plan for a business in a country outside of the United States. Students had a whole semester to write their business plan for their business idea and had several pitch presentations throughout the semester to improve their plan. The business plan was sectioned into three different parts which made it easier for students to finish the project and gave them the opportunity to revise and improve their business plan. 

After each section of the business plan, students had to prepare a pitch presentation about the section they just finished and present in front of the class. Students would cover different sections of their business plan and presented in front of a panel of business professionals where they would receive feedback and professional advice. 

person holding smartphone while taking photo of cooked food
Live streaming while cooking the meal.

The business Anna Hoang’s team chose to create was an international cuisine restaurant called Brew Stream. This restaurant live-streams high class chefs preparing their customer’s meals in London, England. In addition, Brew Stream served international alcoholic drinks and brewed their own beer. 

How this project relates to performance learning is because students had real experience in creating a business placed in a different country, developed a business plan, worked as a team, prepared presentation material, and learned how to present in front of a panel. This project gave students the opportunity to revise their business plan throughout the semester and improved their communication skills as well because of the presentations. In addition, this performance learning project taught students how to adjust their business according to the location the business is placed. Creating a business in a different country is challenging because there must be research done about the laws, regulations, costs, target audiences, and culture.


The results from this performance learning project was an experience creating a business in a different country, a well-written business plan, and improvement in communication skills. Students gained valuable knowledge researching about the country their business and learned how to adjust their business plan according to the location the business was placed. In addition, students learned how to effectively work as a team and be held accountable for the different parts of they were responsible for. Working as a team gave students the ability to bounce off ideas from each other and taught them how to collaborate with other students from different majors as well. Each team had students from all different types of business majors and each student brought a different type of skill set to the team.

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