Keys to Being a Successful Environmental Studies Major:

Keys to Being a Successful Environmental Studies Major:

Rylie Casey likes to start her day at 8:00 a.m. After she lets her family’s dogs outside, she eats breakfast, and gets ready to tackle her day. She drives to Millikin University, where she has class between 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Afterwards, Rylie returns home, eats lunch, and begins her assigned homework. Around 3:30 p.m., Rylie changes into a red shirt and gets ready for work. Rylie is a cashier at Target and works the late shift from 4 p.m. until 10:15 p.m. If necessary, she will study for a quiz or exam during her break. Rylie usually ends her day around 11 p.m. with some quick snuggles with her dogs and looking at her next day’s schedule.

“Sometimes it can feel like it is a lot and can be overwhelming, but it is all about time management and priorities. I know what I have to get done by a certain time,” Rylie said. There are times, although rare, when Rylie feels it is necessary to call off work. She understands that her education comes first, and Rylie’s grades are more important to her than one day at work.

Rylie thinks the best advice she can give students at Millikin, is to make connections and get to know their professors while at Millikin University. Rylie stated, “One of the biggest things, other than just going to class, is to make a good relationship with your professors and classmates. Ask questions, participate in class, do the homework and pay attention. That’s really all you have to do to be successful in the classroom.”

There are great people, students, professors, and faculty at Millikin University. One of the most important people in the environmental studies department is Roslyn O’Conner. O’Conner is not only a professor at Millikin University, but she is also the advisor for all environmental studies majors.

According to Professor O’Conner, the keys to being a successful environmental studies major is time management and getting help from the professors if needed. Professor O’Conner advises students to have a schedule. She said, “Every day, write down what you are doing every hour of that day. It will allow you time for class, eating, study time, and also your fun time. If you stick to that schedule and get your work done, you get to have your fun time with no stress.”

Professor O’Conner believes that opportunities and experiences out of the classroom are equally as important. She encourages her students to volunteer and work, if possible. She says these experiences will help her students decide what they like and do not like, and the more experience is key to setting them apart from others in the job they want to pursue. 

While Rylie enjoys her job at Target, she knows she needs job experience in her major and will need to find something new soon. However, for now, time management is a priority in balancing a day in the life of a college student.


Charles (Tre’) Corley

Millikin University ‘23

Environmental studies major with a concentration and desire in agriculture. Strong job integrity, experience in soil testing, love the outdoors.

Life in Business

Author: Alex Zogg, Future Millikin Business Management Graduate, Junior, Graduated from Normal Community High School, Sports Advocate, Works Well with Others, Teachable, Hard worker.

There are many students at Millikin who are involved in extracurriculars as well as taking courses in Millikin’s Tabor School of Business majoring in business management. Some of the students at Millikin have had a very hard time properly managing both schoolwork and involvement in extracurriculars. These students who are involved in sports or any other type of extracurriculars often struggle staying on top of their responsibilities because of a lack of schedule and end up falling behind in one or both categories.

I spoke with Bailey Coffman who is a Junior Business Management Major who also play both Women’s Basketball and Softball at Millikin University. While speaking to her I asked her to describe what a normal day for her involves, and she responded with “My daily life here at Millikin includes starting my day with either a team lift or going to Griswold to shoot, then a range of different business and sports management classes, then usually ending the day with either softball or basketball practices and workouts.” Then I asked her if she had any recommendations or what had worked for her on how students should manage their class work as well as having a social life/being involved with extracurriculars. She responded with “The biggest recommendation I have for future business students in terms of time management is taking each semester week by week. By doing this, you can plan out when you have time to complete assignments on top of being a part of your extra curriculars.” I found this technique that Bailey used by going week by week a good idea even though it is slightly different than what I would do, which shows just how different each person going about handling their responsibilities. Bailey later states how she things that a good way to stay on top of your studies is to “Be present in class and actively listen. Don’t be afraid to use your resources through the school when you don’t understand something or need extra help.” With how busy a day can be for someone going to school as well as being involved in extracurriculars it is important to stay on top of your work by making a plan on how to excel on everything going on in your life.

I also spoke with Alex Vernon who is a Professor in the Tabor School of Business at Millikin University. I found that with the questions I asked him even as a junior I had found very helpful and a good reminder on what I need to be doing to be successful. I asked him what advise he would give business majors that will prepare them for what to expect after college. His response was “Get as much real-world experience as possible.  This includes part time jobs, internships, summer jobs, etc.  Job shadowing is also good.  Read. Pay close attention to basic statistics, spreadsheet skills and time value of money concepts.” This advise I found very helpful to me especially because I will be graduating college soon and this was a good reminder on what I need to be doing in the coming years.


Julian Collins, author and Tabor Business school student
Senior Digital Marketing Major at Millikin University, laid back and amusing with a passion for sports and graphic design

As a business major with a focus on Digital media Marketing through my day to day life I have learned many tips that have helped me smoothly transact my day to do duties that make up the course.

As a business student our classes and curriculum is field with a very diverse group of classes, from finance and numbers to Information technology so needing to be able to adjust is important to succeeding this major as not all classes are the same even within specialization within degree. As a Tabor student checking email daily is the most important thing to the day-to- day process, professors are constantly sending information about assignments and due dates. Most classes have group work incorporated and communicating within teammates are carried out through these channels.

As many of my classes have group projects I spend my afternoons immediately after class meeting with groups and completing group assignments. Also most professors have office hours available so taking advantage of them and going in to clear any confusions. Many of your peers will have these similar classes so using them also as outlets is great for tabor students. Evenings are more relaxed as much load is done during the early hours of class which now gives you the ability to plan future assignments and due dates. With many personal and group assignments, staying organized is important. Going through the syllabus to cross out completed work and view upcoming dates.

Tabor Student and athlete David Jones has a different schedule as an athlete where time is more constricted. Having to balance football and class load he has to organize himself differently than non-athletes. David talks about troubles with work scheduling of classes and sports,

David Jones- Millikin Tabor School of Business Major and Football Player (OLB)

“it’s difficult to find times for things outside of what’s scheduled. To meet with groups or complete lengthy papers”

Running from class to meetings, non athletes do not always understand how time restricted athletes are and how it prohibits them from doing certain things. As a solution he found for his problem was

“ working with people who understand… showing effort”

 Having partners who are willing to work with him was found to be helpful and he added that doing the little things when he could, helped him when he would have to miss out as the team understood and are appreciative.

Professor Michael Osei, an instructor of Millikin economic and finance department, is a very personable person that I feel has given me many inspirational lessons outside of textbook work. He is always pushing his students to work hard and not to waste this advantage. I asked him “What important tool and/or piece of information would you give to a freshman or Tabor student as a key to helping them in their day-to-day success as a student?” in response to the question he supposed,

Micheal J Osei is an Assistant Professor of Financial Economics at the Tabor School of Business at Millikin University

“Remember, every decision in life involves a tradeoff so if you have made the decision to be in school then make it count; give it your best shot no matter how challenging it may be! Choose excellence and do not settle for mediocrity or resort to excuses. reach out to your instructors/classmates if you have questions. No matter your background, believe you can for “if you can believe, all things are possible to [the one] who believes”. See each day as a gift and always make the most out of it!

Base to Base in Business

Bailey Coffman

Competitive two sport athlete ready to be within the lines of a court or diamond. Goal oriented. Advocate of supporting positive outcomes by serving on IHSA “Play Hard Play Smart” committee.

The world of business can be a tricky place to navigate. As a business management major, there is a wide range of opportunities and places you can take your degree. With the help of those around you, you can gather the right business skills to efficiently achieve your career goals.

“My advice to a business management major is to not take everything upon yourself. Be comfortable with saying “I don’t know everything”. There are so many resources around you to help you. The biggest skill you can have is identifying the task at hand, what you need to get done, and what resources you can utilize to achieve it.”

-Ed Weber
Professor Ed Weber

Ed Weber is a professor in the Tabor School of Business teaching technology based classes for Millikin. As a professor today, Ed experiences many challenges being a teacher in a pandemic. This year, he is teaching three sections of Intro to Business Analytics, one section of Systems Analysis and Design, a section of Web and Mobile Development, and IT Audit and Control. Although Ed specializes in the IT aspect of business, he stresses the importance of having those fundamental skills as a business management major to help complete certain tasks and projects. Systems are a necessary aspect of any business.

“Some advice that I would give is that making a solid schedule gives your mind and body enough time to rest before doing the things that need to be done or things that you enjoy doing, like playing your specific sport.”

-Alex Zogg
Alex Zogg

Business Management student Alex Zogg is a junior at Millikin University. In his time at Millikin as a business student he has also been a part of the Millikin baseball team going on three years now. In his time at the university, he has found that time management skills are very important in the school of business, especially when it comes to balancing extracurriculars.

After all, learning the necessary skills to advance in business are like playing baseball, one base at a time. Setting a schedule and using your resources will take you a long way in the business world.