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Renee Sample

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Renee Sample, Class of 2019 Millikin University graduate

          Renee Sample graduated from Millikin’s Tabor School of Business with a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting in May of 2019. She is now pursuing her graduate degree in Higher Education Administration at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. She currently works as a Graduate Assistant in the Office of Student Accountability, Community Standards, and Academic Integrity. She describes her job as helping other students have a positive college experience. As a graduate assistant, Renee meets with students who have violated university policy and honor code to find out how to best resolve those situations: whether it be an investigative hearing or an educational discussion. Since she is pursuing her Master’s degree in Higher Level Administration, working with these students to resolve broken policy is a real-world learning experience for her and most likely something she will experience in the future.

         When deciding what she wanted to study in graduate school, Renee says she knew accounting was not for her. She thought about what she learned at Millikin that really stuck with her. What did she like doing the most? Renee says, “It was my outside involvement that really pushed me through my time at Millikin.” Her involvement in student affairs, student organizations, and Greek organizations are what she thought meant the most to her while she was at Millikin. Through those activities, she was able to help other students have a positive college experience.

Vanderbilt University

          Although Renee graduated from Millikin with her bachelor’s degree in Accounting, she still believes that much of what she learned at Millikin is applicable in many different careers and studies. Making the jump from business and finance to education administration can seem daunting, but Renee says that many of the business and finance classes she took while at Millikin are very similar to the ones she is taking in her graduate program. She also says her time at Millikin working with international students has helped to prepare her for working with international students in her graduate assistantship. Renee truly feels that the education she received while at Millikin helped her prepare for any job or field that she is interested in pursuing.

          As a recent graduate of Millikin, Renee is the perfect person to ask for college student advice. When the interviewers asked Renee what her advice would be to current college students, she immediately has an answer that college students hear all the time. “Networking should be a part of your daily life.” Any person that you have an opportunity to meet could be a connection or bridge for you later on in life. Renee reminds her interviewers to never burn bridges because you never know where they could lead you. She says she could reach out to any faculty or staff she met at Millikin if she needed it. She felt connected with her professors, and they have helped her expand her network. Overall, Renee immensely values the time she spent at Millikin. The things she learned, while they may not be directly applicable in her current environment, are translatable and helped to prepare her for any future career. 


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