About Taylor Builta


Meet Taylor Builta! Taylor is a 2019 Tabor graduate who majored in Business Management. After graduation, she moved from Farmer City, Illinois to Decatur, Illinois and is now working for New Horizons Insurance Marketing as an agent service: Life and Annuities. She’s in charge of talking to agents all over the United States, run quotes, order supplies and help them with their needs.


We sat down with Taylor to ask her some more questions about life after graduation and this is what she has to say:

“So Taylor, tell us about you the opportunities Millikin provided you with that took you to where you are now.”

“Honestly, I think professors at Millikin are great at being attentive with the students. They are available when we need them, and because I had such good relationships with them, I was able to understand the materials taught in my classes better. Therefore, I am able to apply everything I learned at Millikin to my job right now. I also took advantage of the opportunities outside of the classroom that helped me apply my knowledge. I was involved around campus in different organizations, and because Tabor taught me how to work in teams efficiently, I was able to apply that in extracurriculars. Millikin also helped me with how to efficiently manage my time. While managing schoolwork, internships, and extracurriculars, I had to be proactive. I had to know how to time manage in order to be productive. Because I learned that essential skill during my time at Millikin, I was able to seamlessly integrate the same methods to my life at work. I have Millikin and their ways of teaching to thank for that.”


“What do you like the most about your job?”

“First I really like the people that I work with. I like how I am surrounded by people who feel as passionate about their job as I am. We have the right amount of competitiveness and respect for one another, so we are constantly testing each other and I like that. I also like the people I work for. I am able to learn so much from them and understand how to do a better job. I also like how I have the freedom to make decisions and be able to be so close to my clients. There have been situations in the past where I have had to solve problems, and my coworkers and managers help me with their skills and previous knowledge. I look up to them and hope that someday I can do what they do! I love my job and the opportunities it has provided me with. I learn not only from what is assigned to me but also I get hands-on experience by dealing with customers and helping them with what they need. I encourage everyone to have a positive attitude at work because that has helped me a lot, and also to get along with all your coworkers.


Check out our Interview with Taylor:

“We work as a team, we really pride ourselves in teamwork, so all the group projects that we did at Millikin and communicating really helped me step-up.”


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