Travis Goveia

Travis Goveia

               In his time at Millikin University, Travis Goveia was the captain of the football team, an active volunteer int he community, and earned his BS in Sports and Exercise and a minor in nutrition, but what makes his Millikin journey unique is that he was able to earn his MBA in Business Administration in only a year. Tabor School of Business students graduate with tons of hands-on experience, especially when it comes to team building, marketing, presenting, and communicating in a professional matter. The MBA program at Millikin gives students the opportunity to continue their education and creates business professionals that are ready to be competitive in the modern economy. Not only are these students prepared with a top-class education, but they have the ability to do so and earn their degree in only 12 months. 

          In an interview in December of 2019 with current Millikin students, Travis shared that he had been working for Penn Global Marketing as a license sales and insurance agent for 15 months. He had also recently been promoted to a training specialist at Penn Global Marketing. Travis accredits a great deal of his success at Penn Global Marketing in such a short amount of time to his experiences at Millikin University. “Take advantage of all the things that Millikin has available to you guys. Millikin is a very good academic school. A lot of hands-on experience. From the start of my career people could tell that I came from a good school and have a good education. I was much further ahead.”

We recently interviewed Travis to learn more about his time at Milikin and where his career has taken him since last year.

Q. What courses outside of financial courses did you feel most impacted your selling ability and what prof helped you the most in your journey to graduation from Millikin University?

A. “The marketing classes I took in the MBA was a huge benefit to my early success in the insurance and selling industry. It helped me think differently about selling and how to go about selling different products. What does my market need and how should we bring it to their attention? It makes you think differently. Dennis Schweiger, who just so happened to be my professor for that marketing program, was outstanding. We developed a very professional but also a great personal relationship. His understanding of the program and how to teach and lecture us had a significant impact on me in the business world.”

Q.  How did you find your ambition for the financial business sector, and how did Millikin/Tabor help you with pursuing this dream? 

A. “My ambition for the financial sector came from two different things.  One was throughout the MBA program, I gained a great grasp, understanding, and a love for the financial sector. The second, is that I personally think that this industry gives you great opportunities that you may not get in other business settings.”

Check out Travis’s original interview below with a current Millikin Tabor School of Business student!

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