Brilliant Business Men

To begin with, I interviewed my friend, and former teammate, Truman. He begins his day with a workout, this is followed with breakfast and reading current events. He likes to stay up to date with what’s going on in the world and finds it fun to predict what will happen in his current interest. Following this he will go to classes, then lunch, back to class, and then to soccer practice. Soccer is Truman’s biggest extracurricular activity, some others include video games, working out, and watching TV. When asked about how he manages his time he responded with “I don’t…. Well, I shouldn’t say that. Your days are so fluid a plan needs to be adaptable to the day. I wake up with an idea of what I want to do in the day, set my priorities, and attempt to complete everything.” After this, I asked him what advice he had for people in the business  major, he responded with, “To be a business major you have to choose a concentration, separate yourself even just a bit, find something that interests you and inspires you, and just get in there.”
The second student I interviewed Kyle. He has the same concentration I do for my major. To begin his day he will stretch for about 10-20 minutes a day. He normally skips breakfast and goes to class. He will go back to his apartment for lunch, catches up with his stocks, then back to classes again. After classes, Kyle likes to run, then lift weights. Following that, he goes home and relaxes before dinner.  He will then research stocks and do investment simulations until bed. Kyle said, “yeah, that’s about it.” His time is spent mainly on school and “keeping a good mindset”. The extra curricular activities he mentioned was yoga, lifting weights, running, meditating, and reading. His advice for people in the business major was, “learn from others, see what they do well and what the do poorly, then make it your own. Most importantly is learn from your mistakes, you will fail in this major, but learn from it and don’t do it again.”
Finally, I interviewed Dr. Wafford. He told me he started his day early, he gets up at 4 am and starts his day with a good coffee and water. He then said “I then go do handy work, I know you don’t understand what that is.” Continuing with a smile, he explained some of the daily work, it just came down to maintaining his land and house. I’m general, he is either at school or home. He occasionally goes around town to the local businesses. This was mainly before Covid, but he still does this from time to time. He didn’t really go into his personal life too much, but he did talk about some projects he was working on at his house. Then he would get into a story, which are always entertaining. His time is primarily spent on his work, whether that’s at home or school, it is what he does everyday. His advice to people in the major was, “practice what you want to do, the more experience you have, the better you’ll do. I mean, that’s obvious, but it’s what’s important. “

Dr. Wofford
Truman Hensley
Kyle Seymour

Harry Hilton (Author)

I am Harry Hilton, I have just graduated from University of The Ozarks with a Business degree and a minor in psychology. With an aspiration to complete a Masters in economics. I am much interested in numbers and the financial aspect of business.

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