A student during the day and an All-American at night!

According to Jordan Carson, a Senior Business Administration major. He likes to start his day with a good home-cooked meal. “A home-cooked meal is the best way to start your day because you should always have a good amount of nutrition in the morning it can help you be more productive with your day.” Jordan typically has about 2-4 classes a day depending on the day, after those classes he goes to his apartment and gets a little snack and nap in before his wrestling practice which usually takes about 4-5 hours a day.  “He says he takes a nap so that he can still be productive at practice and still have the energy to do his homework afterward.” After wrestling practice, he usually eats dinner and then spends about 1-2 hours doing homework, after doing that he just relaxes for the rest of his day. Now he does all these 5 days a week and is usually consistent with having the same routine throughout the week. he said, “he spends about 8-12 hours a week doing schoolwork & about 20-25 hours a week practicing”. His best piece of advice he said he can give was “to not stress about one assignment do the best that you can do and move on to the next. Study no more an hour each session and at the end of the day if you know it you know it and if you don’t you don’t at least you gave it your best effort.”  Jordan and I have taken the same class but just at separate times and had the same professor which we both like. Her name is Professor Nikki Garry, Mrs. Garry is one of the best teachers to have at Millikin, she makes everything fun and understanding in her class. She is also very helpful with stuff going on in the classroom and out. She said, “I like to crack jokes and add some fun to the class so students can stay engaged and understand their assignment I’ll even add in some games sometimes so that they can work on their communication and teamwork skills when they’re in their career field after college those will play big factors.” Some advice she had for students were too “Explore different internships opportunities… The experience will help you to know what you want to do or what you do not want to do. The earlier you discover the better.” A couple of things they both mentioned that can help future students are, “To never be afraid to participate in class even if you feel like you may be wrong it’s always good to get the mistakes out during class rather than on an assignment or test and to always ask questions, you’ll never find your answer you’re looking for if you don’t ask.” Another thing was to “always show up to class 1-10 minutes before class to ask for any help or questions you need answering too.” 

First Picture: Jordan Carson 

Second Picture: Nikki Garry 

Third Picture: Fabian Gomez  ( Author)  

Author Bio: I am Fabian Gomez, a Sophomore Business administration major at Millikin University. I am a member of the Big Blue Football Program. I love to play football and binge-watch movies or shows. I also enjoy going out and hanging out with friends, I am also very into video games and love playing warzone call of duty. 

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