Everything Numbers: Day In The Life Of An Accounting Student

Written by: Elyce Knudsen

Determined full-time accounting student who plays a little basketball on the side. A future accountant who enjoys sports, coffee, and naps!

Accounting is a major that may scare a lot of people and it did to me because of the numbers and how many you have to keep track of. The major of accounting takes a lot of patience, focus, and determination. Although this seems frightening for most like myself, my professors and fellow classmates have guided me to success in my classes.

I had the opportunity to speak with an accounting professor of mine at Millikin, Dr. Shailesh Patel. As we know, accounting involves a lot of numbers and Dr. Patel stresses how important it is to stay focused. He says “you are looking at numbers, but you are also looking at the history of your company. It can be challenging because you are looking at the history of a company strictly through numbers.” Dr. Patel has had the opportunity of being a CFO of a company prior to instructing accounting courses at Millikin. Dr. Patel says, “I base a lot of my lectures on my personal experience and stress topics that I know my students will come in contact with one day.” As a student of Dr. Patel, I have been able to learn from real-life scenarios in the accounting world.

Shailesh Patel

“Go for it and stay determined if you truly want to pursue accounting. Accounting is a very interesting and rewarding major.”

Dr. Shailesh Patel, Millikin University

Charly Warlow, a student as well as an athlete at Millikin, understands what it takes to be successful as an accounting major while juggling softball. I had the opportunity to catch up with Charly about her daily schedule as a student-athlete here at Millikin. Charly keeps busy with offseason and preseason workouts for softball as well as her school work. Charly is really big on staying organized and says, “I really enjoy writing the stuff down that I need to get done and being able to cross it off at the end of the day.” Charly starts her day out with classes. After class, she takes time to study or work on homework. At night, she usually has softball for at least two hours. At the end of the day, she takes time for herself and makes sure she checked everything off her list for the day.

Charly has a strong passion for accounting and has already gotten a headstart in the workforce as a manager/bookkeeper for her family’s business as well as an accounting intern for Hardesty Heating and Cooling. Each and every day Charly tries to put her accounting courses before her other courses and spends more time on those classes than the others. “The accounting courses are the courses I enjoy the most and giving more of my focus to those classes is very important to me,” says Charly.

Charly Warlow

“Stay on top of your main focuses and reach out to those who you know can help you. Use your resources!”

Charly Warlow, Millikin University

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