A day in a Digital Media Marketing student life.

Gaëlle Kashironge Kinja, Author.

My name is Gaelle K. Kinja, a junior student majoring in Digital Media Marketing at Millikin University. I have a problem-solving proficiency that allows me to work well in teams while demonstrating a strong sense of leadership and responsibility. Moreover, with my curious and open-mind tendencies, I am interested in learning more about the people and exploring the world around me by serving them to the best of my abilities when it comes to the online marketing field.

Stephie Morene Niyomwungere

“Stay focused and enjoy the process!”

In wanting to know how a normal day of school looks like for a Digital Media Marketing student, I spent some time discussing it with a fellow student from my major. Her name is Stephie Morene Niyomwungere. She is 22 years old, a junior student majoring in digital media marketing, and has a certificate in project management at Millikin University.  As we were discussing, Stephie told me that: “Her schedule is not always the same. There are days whereby she must wake up earlier and others where she can sleep in. It all depends on her classes schedule as well as her on-campus job.”Speaking of her different on-campus responsibilities and activities, Stephie works as a Residential Academic Peer Mentor based in Blackburn Hall, a Tabor School of Business Club (officer), and a Social Media Specialist at Tabor School of Business dean’s office. She is also a Women in Business Organization (marketing committee member) and an African Student Association member. Besides the time spent in classes and at work, Stephie said: “she enjoys hanging out at Starbucks or Einstein Bagels with my friends and classmates where they can have some coffee or sandwiches together.” As we were wrapping up our discussion, I asked Stephie to give a piece of advice to other students from the tabor school of business she said that: I would advise them to get involved in the school of business clubs like the Women in Business Organization or the newest club named Tabor School of Business. Stephie added that attending events organized by the Tabor could be a great way to mingle with other students, staff, and alumni while exploring opportunities and getting business connections. “Doing more than what you are required to do will be another way to nurture your various skills, Stephie concluded.”

Dr. Janet Kirby

I also got the opportunity to talk to the professor of my People and performance class. I asked her to give me a picture of what her daily routine may be. She is called Dr. Janet Kirby, a full-time faculty since Fall 2019 and the head of the Organizational Leadership Behavior at Millikin. For Dr. Kirby, normal daily activities include class preparation, meetings as well as advising sessions, but “I enjoy all my teaching sessions, mentioned Dr. Kirby enthusiastically.” As a person aspiring to pursue my career in almost the same field as Dr. Kirby, I asked her to give some advice to business students she said: “students should maintain a good balance of quantitative and qualitative skills, by doing more than their major focal point, reading business news to be aware of what is happening in the business world, she summed it all up saying keep learning!

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