School & Personal Life: Business Student 

Chad Kelton 

Hi, my name is Chad Kelton, and I am a business student studying Digital media marketing at Millikin University. My day starts off with me waking up at 8:00am and taking cold shower.  I then go to my class from 9:30-10:45, after I get out of class I head to the UC and get food from the café. I then have my next class at 12:30-1:45, once I get back to my apartment, I do homework or whatever I have planned for the day. Once I eat dinner and have all the things done, I need to do, I then watch movies or learn about other things I’m interested in. 

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Professor Janet Kirby 

Janet Kirby is an Assistant teacher at Millikin University and works in the business department. Before receiving the job for Millikin, Janet Kirby had a long successful career working for the state Government. She ended up working at Millikin because one of her friends needed help teaching. She started her job in the fall of 2019 and have helped the business department succeed and has brought a lot of different skills to the business department. 

A typical day for Janet Kirby would be being on campus for a couple days or attending meetings on other days. When she is not on campus teaching class or attending different meetings, she is preparing her teaching lessons, grading hw/tests, or working on other projects. 

When you don’t see Janet Kirby in class or on campus, she be working in her yard or taking care of her goat or chicken. Janet Kirby lives on 2 acres of land that takes a lot to handle but she loves it. Luckily her kids and grandbabies live close, so she a 

I love to work in my yard and do projects in my house.  I live in the country and have 2 acres to take care of and that includes dogs, a goat and a chicken.  My kids and grandchildren all live close so I get to spend time with them too.  I feel very blessed by my work at Millikin and at home.

I asked Janet Kirby if she were to give any student advice after they were to graduate from Millikin and this was her response,” I would tell them to think outside the box, to make sure you understand the business world and not just your field. To never stop learning because you never know when an opportunity could appear.” Also, a quote she loves is, “to ask yourself, what do I have control over and what do I not have control over.” 

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Luke Kelton

I sat down with Luke Kelton and he is a student at Millikin University studying Human Resources. What a day looks like for Luke is he would wake up at 7:30am and take a cold shower. After he would mediate, he says that’s the most important thing to do during his day because it gets his mind and body ready for the day. He then would go from class 9:30-1:00 depending on the day. He then makes his own lunch and gets all his HW done for the day. Something he also makes sure he does is get free time to chill and do whatever he wants to do. Luke takes pride in being a student at Millikin and he enjoys being a part of the Big Blue family. 

When Luke isn’t studying or going to class, he likes to game in his free time. It’s a hobby for him where he can clear his mind and do something he loves. He picked it up at a young age and fell in love with them. He is able to compete and make money from this hobby. Which helps him pay for school, food, and anything he wants. 

A quote Luke has always implemented in his life is,” ONE DAY YOU WILL WAKE UP & THERE WON’T BE ANY MORE TIME TO DO  THE THINGS YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED. DO IT NOW.” 

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