Vasallo Views and Success

I had the opportunity to interview Julianna Vassallo, a junior business major, here at Millikin. She has a busy schedule juggling school while being an athlete. Julianna is a part of the Women’s volleyball team, and she says, “I love playing volleyball here but during season it gets very busy doing school and practices and games.” A usual day for Julianna starts with waking up around 9 am to get ready for her day then she heads off to classes. After her first class she comes back to her apartment at The Woods and makes herself breakfast. Julianna said, “I am really enjoying my marketing class this semester because I find it very interesting, and it is possibly something I want to pursue as a career.”  She then heads off to study tables for her volleyball team where she has a block of time dedicated to doing schoolwork; Vassallo stated “I like having study tables because it gives me designated time to work on homework, so I don’t have to worry about finding the time.” After study tables she comes back to her apartment and relaxes for while which she said usually consists of watching tv, taking a nap, or going and getting a drink from Starbucks. She then makes herself lunch, but she said, “I usually meal prep on Sundays for my lunches for the week so I don’t have to worry about finding time to make a good meal.” After lunch Julianna looks over her schedule for the week to make sure she is staying on top of things and then heads off to her three-hour volleyball practice. She then comes back to the apartment to make herself dinner and shower. She also uses this time to finish up any homework assignments she has for the night. After all of that she likes to finish her night by catching up and spending time with her roommates. So overall she has a full day of activities. I also had the pleasure of talking with a professor here at Millikin who is a part of the business program. I asked Professor Weber if he had any advice for students going through the business program. Professor Weber stated, “Make a direct effort to constantly interact with many different people, both inside and outside of the classroom environment”. He talked about how a big part of being successful in a business career is being able to interact with different people about variety of topics. Julianna being a part of the volleyball team which students in all types of majors gives her good diversity in who she interacts with. Professor Weber also said, “one of the best ways to gain experience at this is to put yourself into situations where you will get to meet and interact with more and more different folks.” I think that this advice is very true because in business there are so many different career paths so having diversity in the people you have interacted in is a huge skill to have. 

Professor Ed Weber
Julianna Vassallo
Chloe Buzicky (Author)

Chloe Buzicky is a sophmore at Millikin University from Mahomet IL, and is a part of the Women’s Soccer Team. She is a business major with a psychology minor. She enjoys to spend time with her friends and hiking.

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