A Day of Two Millikinites


Jesse Ngoga, Senior at Millikin University, Management Information Systems

My name is Jesse Ngoga, and a Management Information Systems major. I am passionate and determined. I reached out to one of my professors and a fellow student and asked them a few questions.

Ed Weber, Clinical Instructor of Information System, Tabor School of Business

Ed Weber is a professor at Millikin since 2014. He teaches Information Systems in the Tabor School of Business. For most of his life, Ed’s day to day schedule has always been quite special. “I’m not trying to coy here, but my day is not very typical”, he says. He would start work at 11 PM and work until the next morning at 7 AM. He would then go to school, and sleep in the afternoon. He mentions that because his day’s structure is constantly changing.

Ed is the president and owner of Weber Enterprises, Inc. a computer consulting firm. He runs his enterprise together with teaching at Millikin. When working with a client, his day typically starts at 9 AM, and begins office work as soon as he gets to Millikin. He will then hold meetings and teach his classes until 6 PM. After that, Ed heads back home, eats dinner and usually work until 4PM the latest. He explains that this “may not be typical for most people in my profession.

When Ed is not working with a client, he gets up between 7 and 8:30 AM, showers, eats breakfast, and arrives at Millikin by 10 AM. He holds office hours until 11 AM, when most of his classes start. Ed then teaches classes, holds meetings and office hours until 6 PM. He is always done with his classes by 6 PM, except for a few days when he teaches until 8:30 PM. After that, he usually get home by 10 PM. On average, Ed spends 6 hours a week teaching.

Ed has not pursued many outside interests since COVID-19 began. However, he is an avid guitar player. Before the pandemic, he would play at open-mic nights in bars around Decatur. He would play and sing at Darney’s on Wednesdays and at Port Royal on Sundays. Ed also plays darts. He won a trophy in the dart league. He also enjoys hiking, and can usually be seen hiking or biking in the park. Ed used to be extremely involved in clubs and organizations before he came to Millikin. He was in the Rotary Club, and Chamber of Commerce, among many others.

Ed advices students who are thinking of going into Information Systems but are not sure of it to try it. “They may have never done IS or had an interest in it, it’s something that I would encourage them to at least try”, he says. He mentions past advisees that never envisioned themselves in IS but they came to realize how much aptitude they had for it and liked it.

Yves Izabe, Senior at Millikin University, Management Information Systems

Yves Izabe is an international student at Millikin since 2018. He is currently a senior majoring in Management Information Systems.

Yves’s day usually starts at 7:30 AM. He wakes up, takes a shower, eats breakfast and then heads to first class. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, he starts his first class at 8 AM while on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, he starts at 10 AM.

Yves’s day usually consists of academic activities, where he attends class in the morning and spends most of the afternoon at work. He works at Kirkland Fine Arts Center, where he works a few days a week depending on his class schedule. On a normal day, he will usually work for 2 hours. As an MIS student, he has many coding assignments and projects that he has to complete. Therefore, he spends his evening working on them and other homework. On average, Yves spends 7 hours of his day on classes and other academic work.

Yves does not have a lot of extra-curricular activities as such, but his free time, he allocates his hours to his on-campus job and exercise. He goes to the gym occasionally, and also plays soccer with friends.

Yves has one special piece of advice to anyone who interested in going into MIS. He says that you have to be ready to learn and update yourself each and every day because the digital world changes everyday. For example, in MIS, people deal with various programming languages, and those languages are being updated almost every year. Therefore, as an MIS student, you are required to be learning something new every day.

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