The Makes of a Digital Media Marketing Major

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Kylie Venable | Enjoys learning new things and being presented with new opportunities. Detail oriented and disciplined marketing major. 

A day in the life as a Digital Media Marketing major may not seem like much. We go to class, study, do our homework, and continue with other commitments that we have made. However, the thought process of a marketing student is interesting to think about. We notice when a company has done an excellent marketing job on a product or service or when companies could have done a better job. Marketing students are always trying to get ahead of the game. 

Blake Ohrt | Junior Digital Media Marketing Major, Football Player

 Junior Digital Media Marketing major, Blake Ohrt, states “I chose marketing because it allows me to be creative in my occupation.” He later went on to say that he was tired of thinking inside the box and wanted to add a more personal touch to his work. His reason for choosing marketing was correct. While most marketing is done in teams, that does not limit the amount of creativity and personalization that can be done to a project. 

A marketing major will spend about sixteen hours, on average, in class per week. However, that is only the time spent in the class. Blake Ohrt spends about twelve to fifteen hours every week doing homework or studying. This can be doing assignments, projects, papers, writing notes, or going over course materials. His curricular activities take anywhere from twenty-eight to thirty-one hours per week. 

Blake is also a football player at Millikin. He dedicates around thirty hours every week for his position. Around twenty-two of those hours are spent at practice and meetings. The rest of those hours are spent on Saturday’s for deep practices or game days. The rest of his time is spent doing other activities he enjoys or relaxing and preparing for the next week. 

Amita Bhadauria | Marketing Professor

 Amita Bhadauria is a marketing professor at Millikin University. She has worked in different fields of marketing over her career and found advertising to work best for her. After gaining experience, Amita decided to become a professor so that she could help students begin their marketing career. When asked why she chose marketing as her career path she replied, “I like to interact with the customers and now students. I like to watch them grow into their positions.” Amita also stated that her favorite part about any aspect of marketing is conducting, analyzing, and posting research. She believes that obtaining a degree in marketing presents many opportunities because “every company has marketing, you can go into any field you want with a marketing degree and work your way up.”  

Advice that I would give to marketing majors would be to never slack off in school. Marketing is a competitive field and always going the extra mile is never a mistake, it helps you to stand out. Blake Ohrt’s advice to other marketing majors is, “Make sure to go for internships, they are the best way to learn about the field.” Amita also gave some good advice; “Always keep in touch with Millikin staff and alumni, they are always happy to help students succeed.” 

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