Balancing the Books with Life

Written by: Serron Pettis

Futuristic student athlete ready to hurdle obstacles to reach my goal on the track and in life.

My name is Serron Pettis and I am a senior sports and recreational management major. Besides my academic pursuits, I am involved in different organizations on campus as well as being a track & field athlete. This major is a challenging and often changing but, can really be something you love when taking the right chances.

The sports management world is a large and ever-changing field. In sports management there are vast opportunities for you to discover ones career path. There are challenges but, with hard work, help from professors, and peers you will be able to gather skills needed for your career choice.

“My advice to a sports management major would be to stay organize and make connections. Being organized will keep you on top of your regular curriculum and co-curriculum while connects will help you branch out in the ever-changing sports world”

Joel Blanco
Joel Blanco

Joel Blanco is a professor of five years in the exercise science department teaching different sport majors similar to mine and other students. He feels the struggles of most of his students due to most of them being athletes or have other co-corricular activities.

He tries to make sure he lets the students explore their thoughts as well gain the proper knowledge for their fields, without overwhelming them.

I got an insider on what a day in the life of a sports management major is like from Derek Dayton. Derek is a sophomore sports management major here at Millikin, from Tolono, IL. On top of being a student he is also an athlete that runs cross country.

We sat and talked and ran through regular day for him with all activities entailed. Derek says he starts his Monday’s with an early bird alarm special of 6am then a run that starts at 7am. After his run he eats breakfast and ready for class. His classes last from 9am-12pm then gets a nice break for lunch, homework, or relaxation time.

He then has his last class at 4pm and once done with that the rest of his night consist of eating dinner and homework if he had more. Derek has a busy schedule but, he has learned how to balance everything and be successful by staying organized and making connections. He says his time here at Millikin has been great and some advise he would give would be to keep an open mind, your never know what you’ll experience.

Derek Dayton

“The professor do a good job at explaining certain questions and processes for your major and career.”

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