It is only 24 hours in a day

This is not a picture of Whitney, but she wanted a picture that represented the jump team. The picture is of Breas Blackwell.

“I don`t like to have like to have a full schedule.”

Whitney Smith, Millikin University

In this blog post, we talked with Millikin student Whitney Smith about her major in Sports Management. She talks about how it is to combine track with a sports management major.

Whitney showed me her schedule, and she told me that she has school from 9 am- 3 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with practice from 3:30 pm-5 pm. She has an internship from 9 am-11 am and lifting from 4:30 pm-6 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She also added that between and after that, she uses time on homework and eating. If she has time, she tries to maybe get a nap in. She usually wakes up an hour to and an hour and a half before classes. This time is usually used on looking at her phone and getting ready for classes. She also usually try to get in three meals a day and some snacks between classes. She tries to make the most of her food from scratch, resulting in more time used on making food.

I need to add that this is a normal week when she is out of season, so this is the time you have some extra free time. She has practice six times a week during the season, and they sometimes last even longer than one and a half hours. She also has met during the weekends, so she often has to travel.

“I think my students have less free time then the average students.”

Dr. Joel Blanco, Proffesor at Millikin Univeristy

He says that he thought around 90% of sports management students are athletes and have less free time with sports when talking to Joel Blanco. That is why he believes that most sports management students need to be good at time management.

The question is, then why do so many people decide to do this for four years? The answer I got from Whitney was that she says that it has its cons with less free time and some extra stress, but you can do what you like the most integrated with your education. It is also a way to motivate people that don’t have that motivation for the school itself. Doing good in school lets you do what you want is the little extra that can help people finish college.

Thanks you for reading my blog post my name is Simen Nodland.

Simen Nodland

Simen is a norwegian sports & rec management major at Millikin. That want too, through sport, teach them to be good citizens. Have experience in soccer as a player and a coach. Highly adaptive to new cultures and social groups.

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