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Carrie Trimble-Digital Media Marketing Professor at Millikin University

Want to be involved with social media campaigns and marketing for a major company? Then Digital Media Marketing might be the best major for you. A marketing major studies the branding and promotion of products and services to the public. Social media is all around us in today’s world and more jobs are looking for employees who are trained with social media.

Digital Media Marketing undergraduates have busy schedules and have to use time management skills in order to create time for extracurricular activities. I interviewed a current Millikin University undergraduate, who is majoring in Digital Media Marketing, and her name is Cam Wagner. During the interview, Wagner explained to me why she chose marketing, how she makes time for her hobbies and what is her favorite part of her major. Like I stated above, time management is important and not procrastinating will help you succeed in college. Wagner stated, “I have classes starting mid-morning that end mid-day around 2 or 3, then I head to work. During and after work is when I get my studying and homework done. There is not that much time in a day so using my time wisely is important to succeeding as a marketing major.” Having time for hobbies and extracurricular activities is also extremely important to being a college student. Wagner explains that “making a schedule to fit activities that I want to do within that day is important to me. Having time to relax and focus on being with friends and family helps me as a student in order to destress and have fun.” Making time to relax and focus on hobbies will help you as a student because it gives you a break from studying and stressing out about a class.

Since social media is somewhat new, the Digital Media Marketing major is still expanding with more students studying this major each year. My current professor and Millikin University marketing professor, Carrie Trimble, talked to me about advice she would give students who are studying marketing. Trimble stated “The advice I would give marketing majors is to stay informed on current events in general and the marketing trends that are popular”. Adding on to what Trimble stated, undergraduate Wagner talked to me and said “I would tell marketing majors to pay attention to group work. Seeing how other people think, when it comes to creativity is very interesting and can open your mind to new ideas or different ways to create content”. Being able to communicate and listen to other students will help you learn so much and you will be able to see things from a different perspective. Then staying involved with the current trends as a marketing major is crucial, since marketing and social media is always changing. The day-in-the-life of a marketing student is intensive but if you focus, manage your work and give yourself time to relax and have fun, you will succeed as a student. College is not all about the grades you receive on a test, it is the effort used in becoming better as a person.

Junior, Digital Media Marketing undergraduate at Millikin University, Cam Wagner.
Blog Writer: Brianna Barconi, Junior Undergrad Digital Media Marketing at Millikin University. Women’s Tennis player at Millikin and MUPC consultant.

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