Perfect Life of a Cyber Security Major

Jacob Garrett

Junior Cyber Security Major

Millikin University

I was born and raised in Decatur, IL. When coming to Millikin I had two amazing people to help me out in my major. Here are some things they had to say to help you guys out as well in the field of Cyber Security.

The life of a Cyber Security Major is not so similar to many other courses available at millikin. Although we have a lot more fun. Millikin introduced ethical hacking techniques and investigation classes into a course line and created one of the most hands-on learning majors in the Tabor Business School. Here are some advice from the maker of the course and one of the students who helped create it, and also went through it as well. 

RJ Podeschi

“Cyber Security was not built to take up any more time than other majors Tabor offers.”


Matthew Ranney

“I work on the weekends when I can, focusing on schoolwork to then find time to socialize.”

“Download and test software before your classes start each semester.”

“Google is my best friend!”

The Cyber Security course is growing every year and is packed full of hands-on learning and new concepts that are engaging. When learning new concepts in your downtime, it will feel like a hobby rather than a chore or homework. Spending most of your time on homework you will always want more.

Matthew would focus on getting his schoolwork done on the weekend and so he could always have time to spend with family and friends. Building this Major, RJ tried to keep that in mind. He did not want a huge courseload on his students like some of the other majors at various Universities. He thinks that students can pivot on the spectrum of being super busy and having to much downtime. Being built right in the middle, you can take your time and only focus on coursework, or you can do many extracurriculars like sports or even more IT related topics on top of your schooling. Which is exactly what Matthew loves about what Tabor had to offer with this Major. Both of them of many pieces of advice to give to incoming students wanting to enroll in the Cyber Security program.

But before that, RJ made this course for the creative type. He expressed his love with Legos as a child. He still does but you did not here that from me. RJ explained that when you are excited about getting a new lego set you have a book to follow along every step. Then when you complete it, you tear it down and that’s when your creativity begins and build the most fascinating things. He compared this to the course work of the Cyber Security Program, a person who loves to solve problems and search for clues with creative ways on building software and networks would love it. But, everyone at Tabor welcomes anyone to their programs. If you do not think you are welcome they will embrace you with open arms. Never be afraid to try something new, especially at Millikin University. With trying something new, you need some tips from the professionals.

Matthew wants students who enter this major to plan ahead. Always try the software before the classroom starts will save tons of headaches for yourself and the professor as well. He mentioned there are many other sources online to help you understand the topics a little further to stay on top of things. Which also ties in with what RJ had to stay. Staying on top of things is very easy. Professors doors are always open to anyone and google is the best of friends for students. Many outside courses are offered to you on your downtime to learn more about a certain subject. RJ wants you to always use good time management as well. First, find your priorities, which hopefully is your coursework since that is what you are paying for, then focus on them first. Again, he made this course to not be to jam packed with you being so busy so you should not have an issue with never having time for yourself if you have good time management. Get an app, download a software, or even keep things in your calendar to stay on tasks. With everything being said, RJ made an amazing course with a very interesting and fast growing topic. Focusing on creativity and investigation personalities. Matthew went all the way through the course without any issues using the tips told by both of them. Enjoy the new and amazing course Tabor Business school offers future hackers.

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