What is so special about digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a growing business that is predicted to reach $786.2 billion by 2026 in the global market. In 2020, amongst the Covid-19 restrictions, digital marketing was estimated at $350 billion globally. Digital marketing is responsible for the following, analyze digital data to better a website or marketing campaign, coordinating with the sales team, maintain a digital dashboard over several accounts, ensure the brand message is consistent, etc. Digital marketing continues to grow with the advancements of technology. It has never been easier to reach a mass amount of people around the world. 

“I hope that getting a degree in digital media marketing will give me the opportunity for a better future or land me my dream job to work at any professional sports team being the lead marketing manager.”

I interviewed a fellow classmate of mine; his name is Kyle Clendenen. He is a junior this year as a digital media marketing major. After finishing his gen-ed classes, he is now in classes directed towards his major, such as brand loyalty digital media, and business conversations. Kyle has found these classes to be intriguing and useful so far into the semester. In our brand loyalty digital media class, we are doing a simulation with marketing scenarios. Kyle is currently ranked fourth out of seventeen people in our class. With all Kyle’s classes combined, he spends about four to five hours a day doing homework. Kyle also likes to take a mid-day nap to stay well-rested and keep the stress from overwhelming him through the day. Kyle is on the men’s volleyball team here at Millikin and has practice around two to four times a week during pre-season and six days a week during the regular season. Each practice ranges from two and a half to three hours long. This is a significant portion of Kyle’s day that is taken away by sports. Kyle’s advice for people wanting to pursue this major is, “Be comfortable talking to a variety of people and take advantage of the simulations and in-class exercises”.

“Marketing is a very dynamic field that is highly employable and is a growing career path for many businesses.”

The teacher I was lucky enough to interview was my brand loyalty digital media teacher, Amita Bradauria. Amita first came to the United States in 2008. She started her career as a market research analyst which introduced her to the world of marketing. She was so intrigued with marketing she got a job at Google helping create ads for them. Amita pursued this career path and got her MBA in business and concentrated on marketing for her Ph.D. Amita is very passionate about marketing and shows it in every class she teaches. Amita had this to say about teaching, “I fell in love with digital marketing, and I chose to become a teacher in this major to help future digital marketers become successful”. This is a very good reason to switch career paths. She says that after graduating with this major the career path you can choose is very vast. There is plenty of different areas that go alongside marketing. She listed a few of these career paths for me. There are sales, creating ads, investing, teaching marketing, and market analysis.  

Created by: Kameron Cummuta

I am a digital media marketing major that is expected to graduate in May of 2023. I am the media manager for a construction company during the summers away from school. I played two years of volleyball here at Millikin.

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