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Author: Alex Zogg, Future Millikin Business Management Graduate, Junior, Graduated from Normal Community High School, Sports Advocate, Works Well with Others, Teachable, Hard worker.

There are many students at Millikin who are involved in extracurriculars as well as taking courses in Millikin’s Tabor School of Business majoring in business management. Some of the students at Millikin have had a very hard time properly managing both schoolwork and involvement in extracurriculars. These students who are involved in sports or any other type of extracurriculars often struggle staying on top of their responsibilities because of a lack of schedule and end up falling behind in one or both categories.

I spoke with Bailey Coffman who is a Junior Business Management Major who also play both Women’s Basketball and Softball at Millikin University. While speaking to her I asked her to describe what a normal day for her involves, and she responded with “My daily life here at Millikin includes starting my day with either a team lift or going to Griswold to shoot, then a range of different business and sports management classes, then usually ending the day with either softball or basketball practices and workouts.” Then I asked her if she had any recommendations or what had worked for her on how students should manage their class work as well as having a social life/being involved with extracurriculars. She responded with “The biggest recommendation I have for future business students in terms of time management is taking each semester week by week. By doing this, you can plan out when you have time to complete assignments on top of being a part of your extra curriculars.” I found this technique that Bailey used by going week by week a good idea even though it is slightly different than what I would do, which shows just how different each person going about handling their responsibilities. Bailey later states how she things that a good way to stay on top of your studies is to “Be present in class and actively listen. Don’t be afraid to use your resources through the school when you don’t understand something or need extra help.” With how busy a day can be for someone going to school as well as being involved in extracurriculars it is important to stay on top of your work by making a plan on how to excel on everything going on in your life.

I also spoke with Alex Vernon who is a Professor in the Tabor School of Business at Millikin University. I found that with the questions I asked him even as a junior I had found very helpful and a good reminder on what I need to be doing to be successful. I asked him what advise he would give business majors that will prepare them for what to expect after college. His response was “Get as much real-world experience as possible.  This includes part time jobs, internships, summer jobs, etc.  Job shadowing is also good.  Read. Pay close attention to basic statistics, spreadsheet skills and time value of money concepts.” This advise I found very helpful to me especially because I will be graduating college soon and this was a good reminder on what I need to be doing in the coming years.

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