Base to Base in Business

Bailey Coffman

Competitive two sport athlete ready to be within the lines of a court or diamond. Goal oriented. Advocate of supporting positive outcomes by serving on IHSA “Play Hard Play Smart” committee.

The world of business can be a tricky place to navigate. As a business management major, there is a wide range of opportunities and places you can take your degree. With the help of those around you, you can gather the right business skills to efficiently achieve your career goals.

“My advice to a business management major is to not take everything upon yourself. Be comfortable with saying “I don’t know everything”. There are so many resources around you to help you. The biggest skill you can have is identifying the task at hand, what you need to get done, and what resources you can utilize to achieve it.”

-Ed Weber
Professor Ed Weber

Ed Weber is a professor in the Tabor School of Business teaching technology based classes for Millikin. As a professor today, Ed experiences many challenges being a teacher in a pandemic. This year, he is teaching three sections of Intro to Business Analytics, one section of Systems Analysis and Design, a section of Web and Mobile Development, and IT Audit and Control. Although Ed specializes in the IT aspect of business, he stresses the importance of having those fundamental skills as a business management major to help complete certain tasks and projects. Systems are a necessary aspect of any business.

“Some advice that I would give is that making a solid schedule gives your mind and body enough time to rest before doing the things that need to be done or things that you enjoy doing, like playing your specific sport.”

-Alex Zogg
Alex Zogg

Business Management student Alex Zogg is a junior at Millikin University. In his time at Millikin as a business student he has also been a part of the Millikin baseball team going on three years now. In his time at the university, he has found that time management skills are very important in the school of business, especially when it comes to balancing extracurriculars.

After all, learning the necessary skills to advance in business are like playing baseball, one base at a time. Setting a schedule and using your resources will take you a long way in the business world.

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