Tabor Talks: Finance is the Future!

Money is everywhere in society. Undoubtfully, it is something that will always hold significant value, and be used as a tool to generate wealth and fulfill our wants and needs. But how knowledgeable do we need to be with personal finances in order to truly benefit from our hard-earned coins?

Being financially literate is very vital when it comes to putting yourself in a better financial situation and being able to sustain short-term and long-term wealth. There are millions of students across America educating themselves in the fields of business and finances; and I’ve had the honor to speak with Kentina Ishimwe, finance major at Millikin University, who finds this field of study very essential and something that “everyone should be knowledgeable of”.

Kentina is continuing her third year studying Finance and describes her experience as that of any typical college student. Her schedule consists of attending classes, studying, completing assignments, and working. Amidst completing her daily routine as a student, she’s very involved around campus. Kentina serves as a member in the Women in Business organization (WIB), the African Student Organization (ASO), and is the Director of Finance for Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre (PDST). Her schedule is proven to her that being a finance student is a “process” that “reveals the truths behind it”. Despite the difficulties she has faced, Kentina says that “it is better to know what you are doing so that the decisions you are making now can positively reflect in the future”. Building her financial literacy as a student will ultimately be very beneficial for her in the years to come. A piece of advice she wishes to instill in those who want to choose the path she chose is “to know what you’re in for… if given an opportunity to do an internship or be a part of a business, make sure that Finance is what you want to do.” To conclude, she stated that “if you have experience in your field of studies, you have an advantage.”

“If you have experience in your field of studies, you have an advantage.” – Kentina Ishimwe

left – Kentina Ishimwe, Finance major
right – Professor Michael Osei

I had the opportunity to speak with Michael Osei, Professor of Financial Economics, at Millikin University as well! In our conversation, I’d asked Michael, “how would you describe your teaching experience in Finance thus far?”, and in response he stated the following:

 “It has been a fun experience! It is always a blessing to get to do what you love. The pandemic has shown us the importance of financial literacy and smart financial decision-making. So, teaching finance and helping students understand basic financial skills necessary to make the decisions that will support a healthy and financially secure future is an exhilarating experience!”

At one point, Michael brought up the FAME subjects, which reference the four major subjects in the business world: Finance, Accounting, Management, and Economics. With Finance being the first, it serves as the most important aspect of business. Michael finds this field of study very significant in comparison to others as it has “a greater job mobility and higher growth rate than most business careers” and “helps you make financially responsible decisions” which we will all do very often throughout our lives.

Conclusively, he included some words of wisdom that he hopes every potential or existing Finance student will apply to their lives as they progress in their academic careers:

“Finance is an important part of everyday life and financial literacy can be the difference between poverty and a great life well-lived. So welcome to the world of finance! Remember, every decision in life involves a trade-off, so if you have made the decision to be in school and pursue a major in Finance then make it count; give it your best shot no matter how challenging it may be! Choose excellence and don’t settle for mediocrity or resort to excuses. No matter your background, believe you can for ‘if you can believe, all things are possible to [the one] who believes’. See each day as a gift and always make the most out of it!”

“Finance is an important part of everyday life and financial literacy can be the difference between poverty and a great life well-lived.” –Michael Osei


Jacobrionna Tennin

Finance Major

Millikin University | Class of 2024

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