The Average Day of a College Student

There is an old saying that one of the keys to success lies in having a proper education. Nowadays with everything that has been going on with COVID-19 and the ensuing pandemic has lead to quite a bit of change. However, one thing that has not is the day-to-day life and experiences of the average college student. I recently sat down with Colton Adams a student at Millikin University to ask him about his college experience thus far in his educational carrier as a sociology major.

Lets start off with the basics shall we, Colton is currently majoring in the sociology degree program at Millikin University. He began his educational path at Richland Community College in an effort to fulfill most of the general education requirements for Millikin before even starting at the university. “Going to a private university such as Millikin straight out of high school would have been expensive. Richland has a lot of overlap and transferable classes with Millikin so it was cheaper to go there first and figure out what I wanted to do first before making the transfer.” I asked what exactly was the focus of his major to which he replied. “The focus of the sociology major is to study various cultures and their origins in regards to the countries that they came from. Most of the work I did in class consisted of writing research papers and taking the occasional tests. Also, there was a lot of reading that I had to do in order to properly understand the subject matter of the courses.” As we all know the real back bone of the educational system are the instructors and educators of schools and universities. However, for students there is at least one educator whom they enjoyed the most and for Colton that person was professor Ken Laundra. When I asked Colton why professor Laundra was his favorite instructor he said “He was laid back in letting us as students find our own way forward but he had a certain level of expectation when it came to what we needed to achieve in our education.”

The college experience is not limited to just the pursuit of an education or the completion of a degree but also broadening the social aspects of the individual. Attending classes takes up only a fraction of the average day of a college student as most of the time only a couple of classes are attended each day. Well then you might wonder what exactly does a college student do then with the rest of their time not dedicated to studying or classes? Extracurricular activities of course! I asked Colton what he did in his spare time he replied “I did a wide variety of things but for the most part I hung out with my friends.” This of course is an understatement as Colton helped set up his own billiards team called Big Blue Billiards. Needless to say, the day to day of the average college student is quite busy

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