A Day In The Life Of A Business Management Major

I decided to interview Reese Bradford. He is a long time friend of mine and is a junior in college. His major is Business Management.

To start off his day he wakes up and eats breakfast. While doing so he will catch up on any studying he needs for the day that is about to begin. Reese says,” you always have time for studying. Not having time is not an excuse.” This is strong words from someone who works two jobs along with being a full time student. Reese works at Chic-fila and cuts grass for people. After breakfast Reese heads to campus. He tries to get there an hour before class so he can jump on one of the computers. He then goes to his classes. After classes are over he goes straight to Chic-fila to work a 5-6 hour shift. After his shift is over he will head home to start studying. He will then finish his day by playing some video games online with his friends. He is also a member of the E-sports team.

After Reese took me through a typical day of his I was able to ask a few questions. The questions I asked were:

How do you stay motivated in regards to schooling?

“Staying motivated has never been hard for me. I simply look at the big picture. I am a firm believer in if you want something to just go and get it. I want this degree for myself and to make my family proud. That is good enough for me.”

What advice would you give to someone new to your major?

“Study hard. This degree is overlooked as being easy. At times it can be but always make sure you are one step ahead of your work.”

I consider to someone who works at Millikin to be an instructor towards me in many ways and my major is included in this. he is an instructor indirectly. this person Is Kramer Soderberg. I had the privilege to be coached by him for the basketball team at Millikin. He told me a story that has change d my life forever. It made me decide to work harder to obtain my business management degree and to take that motivation into any endeavor that comes after that.

The moral of the story he told me was to fill my cup. It does not matter how big your cup is, but it does matter whether or not you fill it. To further explain, the cup represents your potential. The amount that is filled represents your effort put forth to fufill it.

In other words Coach Soderberg said,” It does not matter how big your cup is, it matter whether or not you fill it.”

Kramer Soderberg - Men's Basketball Coach - Millikin University Athletics

Author – Tyler Joest

Tyler Joest is a Business Management Major at Millikin. He played basketball at Millikin. He is a junior and becoming a senior in college. he currently works a maintenance job at a winery. He also is a stock guru for an online community called Stock-Hub.

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