The Millikin Experience: Dive Into the Big Blue

Starting college is a leap into the next chapter of your life. It can be both exciting and confusing. Every student embarks on their own unique journey when they begin here at Millikin. In the words of Dr. Mark Munoz, multi-awarded international business professor and distinguished academic author, “College is what you make of it. The more courageous and willing you are to pursue new directions, the more rewarding your experience will be.” Like all journeys, organization and planning will aid in keeping you on course. College is no doubt a stressful time, but it can be filled with rewarding experiences and new connections made just by reaching out and getting involved on campus!

I reached out to budding Millikin sophomore, Shay Buchanan, to get some inside perspective on her experience thus far. Having experienced her first year at Millikin during the pandemic, she found it surprisingly easy to manage her time across multiple extra curricular activities, classes, and assignments. Shay is involved in triathlon events and the Millikin swim team. This requires many hours of rigorous endurance training, practices, meetings, and competitive matches. Most of Shay’s time here at Millikin is taken up by her athletics, like many Tabor students can relate to. However, Shay says, “I haven’t much trouble managing everything.” When it comes to assignments, her most commonly employed strategy is setting aside specific times to ‘marathon’ through them with heightened focus to complete her work as efficiently as possible.

Shay is a very active member of the Millikin community. “My biggest surprise when arriving at Millikin was how friendly the students and staff are! I didn’t expect Millikin to have such a tight-knit community.” This sense of community and belonging is something Millikin prides itself on. You can experience the camaraderie simply by walking through campus; plenty of smiling faces and waves will grab your attention. The small town feel of Millikin’s campus is what is so appealing to many students. Not to mention the world-renowned faculty is dedicated to helping you grow and succeed no matter what department you are in. “All of my professors have been very enthusiastic, understanding, and willing to help whenever I need it. My advice to students is never be afraid to ask for help,” said Shay.  Professors frequently reach out to students and have a bond with their students. This is something many students find so helpful, and consider it a ‘leg up’ over other universities.

Finally, I had the opportunity to speak to Millikin’s clinical instructor of management information systems and advanced computer technologies expert, professor Ed Weber, who offered these words of wisdom, “Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone. The college experience is all about learning and experiencing new things!” If you truly want the Millikin experience, get involved. “Join one of our 80+ student clubs, investigate Greek life, introduce yourself to professors and get to know them beyond the confines of the classroom.” I couldn’t agree more with him. There is so much to do at Millikin. I’ve been involved in many activities and even still, I’ve barely even scratched the surface. Connecting with my professors and sharing their passion for success has really made me feel valued at Millikin and encouraged to reach new heights. Professor Weber goes on to say, “Instead of simply attending your required classes, make sure you squeeze every possible drop out of your Millikin and Tabor experience!”

Make it big, make it Millikin!


By Jorie Clark

Business Management in Human Resources at Millikin University Class of ’22

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