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Brian Wise was a student at Millikin University, prior to that he attended Richland Community College. Brian’s extra-curricular activities were spent outside of class doing research on environmental topics. He would read articles that were given to him by his professor. He completed environmental topic papers on environmental issues like endangered species. The papers addressed environmental issues and how to make a difference in the area focus. Brian broadened his horizons outside environmental studies by taking criminal justice classes as electives. He also took electrical engineering classes and machinist classes. He had a hard time with PLC at Richland where he went before he came to Millikin. His classes gave him hands-on experience in his environmental studies classes and experiences. The classes took him to different parks and were taught conservation practices. He found the differences between parks and protected areas. During fieldwork, he would clear out brush from local parks and planted 150 trees during his time at Millikin. . He would also clear out trash from an old mound in Blue Mound, an old open pit gravel mine. Trash would end up in this area quite often. Brian chose to be a commuter because it was cheaper and he could still be at home. He also felt more comfortable than living on campus. Another advantage was that he was close to his job. A photo of him was not available to me. He did not do a lot of extracurricular activities because he did not play any sports. He felt his time was better spent by being outside just walking around parks. At home, he would spend most of his time doing yard work. Brian’s family has a farm so he spent time on his there working with animals and other farm chores. Brian likes to play pool at Starship Billiards with people from his work. But since it burned down he does not do that anymore. He enjoys spending a lot of time outside and with family. Brian lives with his family as of now and he is thankful for their support every step of the way. His favorite professor was David Horn because he interacted with him most and always had time for one-on-one interaction. Professor Roark also made an impact on him during his time at Millikin. Brian would help others by telling them that this program is not the easiest in the world. There are a lot of papers that will cause long nights. The stress of the high expectation in this program caused him to have night terrors and made him sleepwalk. One night during an exceptionally stressful time while sleepwalking he fell down his stairs and started screaming about snakes before eventually falling asleep again. Brian’s advice to students is “learn to love caffeine”. Brian felt even thru the stress and sleepless nights he learned to better himself and the environment around him. Since graduating he has applied to ADM and the Illinois EPA and hopes to be able to continue his concern for the environment there.

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