In-Depth Assignment Write-Up Blog #4

This blog post will be an in-depth write-up of one of my study abroad assignments. The most recent assignment we had in Intercultural Negotiations was an evaluation of our communication styles. The evaluation was a questionnaire that gaged our responses to different situations. At the end, my results for the questionnaire showed that I had an analytical communication style. Some of the strengths that were pointed out were that I am a thinker, am thorough, and disciplined. I agree with all these characteristics. Whenever I want to get things done, I think about all the ways that I could accomplish it and often like to draw things up to have a visual of what I want. I am very thorough because I like to make sure things are right and I do not have to go back and redo it. I am disciplined in the fact that I stay on task and do not tend to multitask so that I can focus all my attention on one thing. Some of the weaknesses that were pointed out about my communication style was exclude feelings from decisions, too demanding of other and myself, as well as being perfectionist but I do not see that as a weakness. I am always being told that I do not use feelings to make decisions, but I think that is the best way to do. When we make decisions void of feelings, we are more apt to make sound decisions that are for the good of everyone and not just the product of temporary feelings. I can be too demanding of others sometimes, but I think that just ties into my perfectionist character trait. I want things to be done exactly as they should and that cannot be done if everyone working with me does their best. If people are not going to put their best foot forward, I would rather work by myself. I’m an introvert so working alone doesn’t bother me at all. Most times I prefer it. I really liked this assignment because I never really considered my communication. I just know that I am not a talker so I knew I would not get the communication styles Driver and Expressive. I feel as if I fit most of the description of an analyst. I am specific and task oriented. I take a systematic approach to problems and strive for perfection. I am very precise when I work. According to the description that was given for the analyst communicator, I am not a risk taker, loves details, fears being embarrassed, and often and introvert. I can see these qualities in myself, but I think they work well for me. I am successful in everything I do, and I think that comes from how I handle things and make decisions. Something interesting that stood out to me was that it said that my symbol was the owl. The report did not have a description, so I wondered what it meant and looked it up. An owl symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, change, transformation, and intuitive development. I think this is an accurate description of how I see myself. In my family, I’m the one everyone comes to, so I see myself as wise as an owl because people appreciate and look up to me.

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