A Day in the Life of a Finance Major

I chose to interview Kentina Ishimwe for the blog post; She is a sophomore finance major here at Millikin. Being a foreign exchange student, Kentina is a long way from home, which takes a lot of bravery. During her stay at Millikin, Kentina has been very resourceful with her time.

Depending on the day during the week, she either starts the day with morning classes or goes to work and vice versa as the week enrolls. Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre is a student-run venture with people that have a passion for performing arts. This venture takes up most of her mornings. Giving me a summary she says, “For example, I wake up every day, and I make sure that everything that I need to do as their director of Finance is done.” In addition to that, Kentina is a part of the Women in Business Organization here on campus that also helps in building connections, knowledge, and wisdom for when she completes her degree. On the weekends, she makes sure her work has been completed and takes time for herself to regenerate for the coming week.

I next asked Kentina “What advice would you give a Finance major?” She responded “My advice would be to make sure you what you’re in for. If given an opportunity, you should strive to do an internship or be a part of a business like myself so that you are certain that Finance is what you want to do for a lifetime. “The reason  I say this, especially concerning this major, in my opinion, what we do in class is theory-based and can only take you so far. If you are experienced in your field of studies, you have an upper hand.” -Kentina Ishimwe


Advice from Professor Osei

Before you choose a major, make sure you see a future with it. Choose Finance if it’s something that interests you and you’re willing to work hard for it. “Everyone should know a little finance”-Osei. The process of building and creating wealth over time is important to know. Trying your best is the most important thing. Doing your assignments and making sure you understand the material is important as well. 

Finance is also something we use in our daily lives. Osei mentioned there might be a time where you’re in an interview and they ask you some practical questions that might apply to finance and could be resourceful. The results will pay for the work we do now at the end of the day. Osei stressed giving your very best at all times, and with that, he said it should be okay.

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