A Day in the Life of a Business Major: Ex-Athlete Edition

I chose to interview Davion Jefferson; he is a senior here at Millikin majoring in Digital Media Marketing as well. Having been an ex-athlete all of his life, finally having time throughout the day, that isn’t designated for practice or working out is a new part of Davion’s life.

What does your day consist of?

My day starts at 7:30, as I wake up, I mentally prepare myself for the day and tasks ahead. Having been a former football player, it is still an adjustment for me, to not have to get up and do some kind of physical activity. From there I get ready and eat. I have been an intern at Bob Brady’s Cadillac and GMC auto mall for the last 3 months. This has been a fairly new process to learn but I have enjoyed learning the business from the ground up. When I arrive the first thing I do is settle in and ask my manager, “Do you have anything that needs done”. Usually, the work that I do is, Direct customers to the right sales associate, make copy’s as well as excel sheets, car upkeep, which is moving the vehicles, fueling them, arranging them, making sure the cars are tagged, setting up sales displays for vehicles, organizing keys, as well miscellaneous tasks that I am asked to do. “Honestly, I am enjoying my time here. This is a new chapter in my life and I never thought I would be in this professional environment. It is rewarding and feels good to learn something new.” When I asked if he had any advice for students In the major, he says “Always keep your head down and your chin up. Always keep moving. Eventually, you will get to where you need to go.

My time generally consists of teaching classes, having office hours, working on research, grading, committee meetings, faculty meetings, and attending University events. It is tough to say what an average or typical weekday looks like because there is a lot of variance.  Some semesters, like this one, I am teaching on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  So, for those days I do less research, grading and other meetings. If I am fortunate, I am able to occasionally carve out a weekday where I just focus on research which involves a lot of reading and writing.  “Iv learned that time management is the key to staying on top of work”.

Meet the Author: Stephen Gudino is currently a junior here at Millikin U. He is majoring in Digital Media Marketing and hopes to be able to run brand awareness and social media strategy for an international business.

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