A Day In The Life Of a Business Major

Nick Majers

I am a sophomore currently studying business management and Millikin University. Eager to learn new skills on the job. Hardworking and enthusiastic person that enjoys working with partners or in a group. At my best when I can work on a project with my hands. A detail-oriented worker with experience with group work and customer service.Reliable worker someone that you can count on to get the job done. Love to spend time in the woods with my dog hunting and fishing. Enjoy watching sports with my family and playing video games with my friends.

Tommy Anderson
Professor Braxton

What is an average day like for a business major in college? I wanted to find out so I reached out to a friend of mine that is a college student majoring in business. My friend’s name is Tommy Anderson. Tommy is 20 years old and goes to Millikin University. I asked Tommy a few questions about what he typically does on an average day as a business major.

Tommy said “Normally my average day is pretty boring. I wake up and get on zoom for my first class of the day. The first class of the day is always the worst because it’s hard for me to wake up want to learn. Once I get in the shower I normally start to wake up get in a happier mood. After my first class, I look online and see what homework I have to do. After that, I plan out the rest of my day and work on any homework that I have. After I do my homework I get ready for any other classes I have later in the day. I also try to spend some time with my girlfriend if she isn’t busy with either her schoolwork or sorority life. At the end of the day, I normally put away all my school stuff and either hang out with my friends or I play video games.”

I also asked Tommy if he had any advice for someone thinking about majoring in business in college, and he said “The best advice that I could give someone that wants to major in business would be to first take some other classes so you can see what other options for classes. I say to do this because you may find something else that you really enjoy and it’s better to discover that sooner rather than later in college. Secondly, I tell people that if you just stay on top of all of your schoolwork you will be fine and should nothing to worry about because once you fall behind it is hard to catch back up.”

I reached out to Professor Braxton. A business teacher at a local college and asked them the same questions that I asked Tommy. Braxton told me ” An average day for me starts off with me waking up and getting ready for work. I then spend time with my family before I go to my office. Once I get to my office I read my emails, grade homework, and prepare for my classes. After my classes, I have my office hours available for my students. After office hours I go home and have dinner with my family.”

When asked what advice Professor Braxton had for an incoming business major he said “Keep your eyes on your goals in life. Your life and goals may change but you have to remember to keep your eyes on the prize and to never give up no matter how tough it gets.”

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