Student-Athlete, A Day in the Life

The life of a student athlete is a hectic one. Being able to balance studies as well as being a collegiate athlete can be very challenging, especially in a difficult major such as biology. Student-Athlete, Austin has played baseball since he was 6. “I always wanted to play baseball” Austin said, “my love for baseball, also led me to chiropractic”. Austin has been accepted to Logan chiropractic school in the fall.

 The schedule of someone in a rigorous major takes a lot of planning already, “I wake up around 8:30 to study before heading to class or practice”. A normal day consists of 1-2 classes and 2-3 practice sessions. “Normally, we have hitting in the morning, and then practice for several hours again in the evening” Austin said.  On an average day, Austin says he spends about 5-6 hours at practice, 3 hours in actual class and usually at least 3 more hours studying and doing homework.

“Enjoy it, even though it’s stressful. Do what you love, and make time for the people that count”- Austin

A professor serving the biology department said, “it is important to balance your schedule and spend ample time with the material”. This professor also said that it is important to spend at least 4 hours of time with the material outside of regular class work per week.  “I really try and take the initiative to plan out my schedule” Austin said “because I am so busy, I have to take the time to study when I can”.

Meet the Author

Mackenzie is a senior biology major with a minor in environmental studies and a certificate in photography.  After receiving her undergraduate degree Mackenzie plans on pursuing a career in conservation.  Outside of academics Mackenzie is an active member of Alpha Chi Omega, My College Buddy and Big Blue Backpacks.  She is also on the Cross Country and Track teams. 

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