The Versatile Major: Organizational Leadership

Often times it is impossible to break into the more “comfy” financial side of corporate America without certification in higher education, i.e. degree(s). A concentration choice becoming evermore popular because of its flexibility in use is organizational leadership. This major offers potential students an education in influence, effective communication, team building, and management. Millikin University offers this concentration with a twist— a flexible learning curriculum to accommodate the not-so-average college student.

Jordan Carroll, Millikin University Organizational Leadership student

Jordan Carroll, a student in Millikin University’s organizational leadership program, works full-time while being enrolled in the program. She starts her day early with work and spends the evening pursuing her studies. With the spaces in between she fits in time for herself.

“Make sure you spend enough time on school and school work, but don’t drive yourself crazy. Make sure you give yourself a day off.”– Jordan Carroll

Dr. Jan Kirby, Millikin University Organizational Leadership professor

Dr. Jan Kirby serves in a leadership role of the college, along with being a professor in the department. She wears many hats and has the duty of delegating her tasks to meet her responsibilities. She manages her schedule based on the order things are due.

“…deadlines! I check to see what is coming up next then I plan what I do around it. That’s how I keep track of what’s important.”– Dr. Jan Kirby

Shantel Rogers, Millikin University Organizational Leadership student, author

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