Adult Learning Program

Hello my name is Kari Quintenz, I am a Senior in the Flex Learning Program and I am majoring in Organizational Leadership. The student that I interviewed is also a senior and major is also Organizational Leadership and his name is Mike. We both are in the same co-hort program that we look to be graduating in December, 2021.

Mike, works at Caterpiller working 40-60 hours a week, depending on the work load of the week or month. He gets to work between 4am-6am and gets off at 3pm. On slow periods, he is able to get some reading in for any upcoming papers that are due. Flex Adult Learning Program, time management is essential, by making an appointment for yourself to work on homework, it allows him to get the work done on time. He loves to bowl, play softball and he also plays tennis. Depending on the season, he could be doing all 3 at the same time, but for the most part, he is pretty much just doing 2. He reminded me again that Time Management skills necessary to be successful in this program or you could get lost.

The professor that I interviewed was Melinda Rueter, Adjunct Professor in the Communication Dept. The class that we had with her was Organizational Communication and Conflict, OL343.

The best advice that Melinda offered was to always have time Management on your side. Time is very important especially in the Flex Learning Program because you have to make time for both yourself because have to work on your homework and also if you have a family you have to make time for them as well.

I have a family and there are times that I have stayed up late after my husband and kids have gone to bed to work on my homework just because that is when my house is quiet. Melinda started a Facebook page for our OL-343 class and she would check in to see how we all were doing and we all would send in GIFs with how we were feeling especially when we all had loads of homework.

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