Tabor Talk: A Day In The Life


Hi guys, I am Lex Tennison, a junior business management major, minoring in marketing. I am a part of the Millikin Softball team. I got the chance to interview a few people I have gotten to grow very close to over the past few years through the Tabor School of Business. First we are going to hear from a very good friend of mine, Aly, who I have completed multiple classes with. I thought she would be a great candidate to talk about a day in her life because she is very hard working, has a busy schedule but knows how to manage it, and is very passionate about what she does.

Aly is a senior business management major with a minor in finance. She is a member of the Millikin University Women’s Softball team and recently joined the Millikin Women’s Basketball team as well. She chose Millikin, because the first time she stepped on campus she had this feeling that she was going to call this place home for the next four years. “The environment was unmatched, the professors were incredible, and the student body was very welcoming. I have a deep passion for softball and knowing that I would be able to play a sport while receiving a great education was a big factor for me as well.” Today Aly is taking twenty-one credits while playing two sports…. to say she is busy would be an understatement. “I am so thankful for the support from my friends, coaches, and professors because without them I would be extremely overwhelmed. When I wake up, I usually attend class over zoom. Depending on how much time I have I usually head to the trainers to receive treatment before practice and then I go to basketball practice for two hours, and then softball practice for another two hours. After that, I come home and do homework the rest of the night. It can be stressful at times but I would not have it any other way.” If she could give one piece of advice for anybody coming to Millikin it would be to not be afraid to be uncomfortable and try new things. There are so many people out there that are rooting for you and on your side that it all makes it worth it in the end.

The next individual I got the chance to speak with is Mark Munoz. He is my academic advisor and I have had him as a professor for multiple classes in Tabor. He is an outstanding mentor, let alone an incredible human and I am blessed to call him a friend.

“The management field is exciting yet challenging. We’re seeing new career types emerge. But, we’re also seeing the reconfiguration of how management is practiced. For example, we’re seeing some organizations open up new management roles relating to technology like artificial intelligence (ie, AI Manager or Head of AI).” Munoz mentioned how there weren’t such positions in the past and that companies are also reinventing their organization structures to respond to changes in technology, markets, competition and consumer expectations. “On top of top, the work culture has also changed as a result of the pandemic. We’re seeing remote work gaining acceptance globally. Mark said that with all these changes taking place, management practitioners need to constantly adapt and reinvent themselves and their organizations to keep up. “Overall, it’s all exciting but also challenging in many levels.”


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