Erik Labroo’s Introduction

About Myself: My name is Erik Labroo, and this is my final semester here at Millikin. I am originally from Quincy, Illinois and came to Millikin in 2017 after I graduated high school. When I am not busy with school, I like to spend most of my free time listening or playing music with my friends. My other hobbies include reading, cooking, and hiking. I am also very active in Millikin’s Greek Life. I am a proud member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Illinois Delta. I have held several positions within the chapter and have made many lifelong friends along the way. I currently serve as the House Manager. I also have served on the Executive Board for Interfraternity Council as the Vice President of Public Relations. These have both allowed me to volunteer my time in the community to help others, which is one of the many reasons that I joined Greek Life here at Millikin.

About My Major: I am pursuing a degree in international business with a minor in political science. I chose international business because I have always enjoyed meeting people from other cultures. I grew up in a diverse household, so I figured it was only natural to want a career with diversity as its key element. I added my minor because politics from around the world have always been interesting to me. My goal is to one day work for a business that operates on an international level. I have recently accepted a position in Human Resources that I hope leads to a successful career.

Virtual Study Abroad: Like most, COVID-19 completely changed my plans for studying abroad. Nonetheless, I am very excited to be immersed into a different environment while being able to remain at home. Yes, I would have preferred to travel and experience another country with my own senses, but I believe that it is important to keep an open mind so that I do not miss any valuable experiences in the online setting. I have already been placed in a WhatsApp group chat with the other international students and it is very interesting to see the interactions that take place in a semi-formal environment. I am also excited to see how everyone interacts in a classroom setting. It is also nice to be exposed to students who are from all over the world, and not just the same country as the university.

Universidad Finis Terrae: This semester I will be taking six credits at Universidad Finis Terrae which is in Santiago, Chile. The university began in March 1988 and has made a prominent name for itself as one of Chile’s private universities. At the university, there are 26 different undergraduate programs, ranging from subjects such as art, humanities, engineering, health, and education. Something that I found interesting about UFT is the school’s slogan. The slogan is “Vince in bono malum” which translates to “defeat evil with good”. This stems from the institutions catholic roots, but its values and mission statement can be applied to people of any faith.

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