You are welcome here

This is the message sent to Millikin’s International students before the Spring 2018 semester started.

The Center for International Education believes that everyone ought to see the world, and that includes welcoming International students to Millikin.

Part of the mission of Millikin is to develop students into democratic citizens in a global society. This is not achieved by exporting Millikin’s culture to everyone else, but by bringing together students from different places with different ideals and different means of expression to share and learn from each other. Increasing your world knowledge and global understanding is a powerful part of the Millikin experience that allows us all to move past stereotypes and unfounded generalizations.

Your ideals and expression have value.
You have value, and we recognize that at Millikin.
Your experiences and perspectives make Millikin a better place.

You are welcome here.

Here’s the link for a printable copy of the statement.

You are welcome here



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