To Write Or Not To Write, That Is The Question – Team 3 – Abbey, Chapman, Ashley – Edited by Team 4

Written Communication involves any type of interaction that makes use of the written word.

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                The Written Communication Course (course BU 250) at Millikin University will prepare clear, concise, thorough, fact-based content and deliver it appropriately. In this course we learn how to word and format different documents from current events, and business and employment documentation.  Some of the methods we have used are e-mails, social media, writing resumes, cover letters and so forth. This is a fast paced four week course that requires a lot of discipline when it comes to organization and time management. The knowledge and skills we have learned in Written Communication are things we can use in everyday life.

                During this course, it was required to provide written current event summaries, timed writing assignments, blog posts, and a variety of work related emails and documents.  There were two work related emails created that displayed the difference on how work related instructions would be presented to a co-worker versus a client.  It’s important to recognize the difference in tone and language used when describing information to a client or to a co-worker.  Resumes, cover letters, letters of recommendation, and letters of resignation were other work related documents that were covered in this course. 

                It was mentioned in this course that employers find that their new hires aren’t as aware of current events as they would like, and aren’t familiar with writing professional documents under time constraints.  In order to prepare current students, there were five current event posts and three timed writing assignments.  The five current event posts were personally selected by each individual in the course and they then wrote summaries on the selected articles.  After writing a summary, it is required to answer a few questions: how the information in the article pertained to your major, how it would affect your industry, and what recommendation as to how the industry should react.  The three time writing assignments pertained to different lessons that were taught during the course and had a thirty-minute time frame to be completed in. The blog posts were a group project where each team was responsible for creating a 500-word blog, editing and posting a different team’s blog, and promoting a third team’s blog. 

                There are not many classes that take a semester long schedule, and put it into the time of just a few weeks.  Writing in the business world is extremely important and can be the difference between getting a job or keep having to look.  Whether it is a long, written letter or just a simple email, any type of business writing should be done a certain way.  With texting and instant messaging being the new way to communicate instantly, there are certain ways to talk that come off more professional than others.  This class is able to take various types of writing and help students learn to be ready for the business world in just a few short weeks.  There are not many people that would be able to handle an assignment a day, but if you can, this class is one that is educational and fun!

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