Personality can be defined as the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.  When it comes to personality, Tabor does a great job working with each student to find what personality type each student is. Tabor school of business then informs all student how to work with different personality types and be as productive as possible.  In the Tabor school of business each student will work in multiple different groups, whether it is business creation, group presentation, consumer behavior, and so on.  Tabor also gives each student the ability to express them self, and show their creativity in a very friendly environment to be the student they want to be. Knowing how each personality works allows the student to work with each other productively. Tabor also does a lot of consumer engagement.  A good example of allowing each student to express them self and understand others personality is apart of the personal selling course with Alan Duesterhaus.

In this course we learned that there are 16 different types of personalities in four main categories. With in the analysts category you have personality types INTJ “architect”, INTP “logician”, ENTJ “commander”, and ENTP “debater”. The second category is diplomats types INFJ “advocate”, INFP “mediator”, ENFJ “protagonist”, and ENFP “campaigner”. The third category, sentinels consists of personality types such as ISTJ “logistician”, ISFJ “defender”, ESTJ “executive”, and ESFJ “consul”. The last category are the explorers and are made up of personality types ISTP “virtuoso”, ISFP “adventurer”, ESTP “entrepreneur”, and ESFP “entertainer”.

So after learning the different personality types you are given an assignment to research and figure out a product to pitch and sell to prof. Duesterhaus.  So throughout the semester by asking him questions getting to know him and his family you could fin their different personality types. Once you have narrowed it down you can figure out what their interest are.  For example, prof. Duesterhaus is a ENTP “debater” personality type.  So when giving your pitch you want to be personable and be on top of your information about your product.

Throughout this course you are also asked to work in different groups. Tabor strives to put different personalities in the same group so their students learn how to work with different types of people. This way when the student gets into the work force they are able to work with any type of person, because they have been exposed through different group projects.

Overall, courses like personal selling expose students to different personalities. Tabor understands the importance of personality, and how it affects group work and consumer engagement. Tabor pushes their students to step out side their comfort zone and work with other individuals to expand their knowledge of personalities.


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